Full Stack Web Developer | iOS Mobile Developer | Game Designer


I’ve spent the majority of time since the late ‘90s working on the front end of web development. Last year I ramped up my skills to cover the “full stack” of web development. Now I’m focused on Angular and looking for work with a focus on that. I’m also interested in getting Scrum certified as I love the Agile project management philosophy.


I taught myself to program Swift in Xcode a few years ago to try my hand at developing mobile games. I finished my first one called Zen Fish and got it excepted in the Apple App Store. Now I’m hooked on programing! I’m finished with the beta version of my second game and am in the beta testing stages. I’m looking forward to getting it published but will be taking the early part of this year to work in AngularJS.


Game Design is my passion. I’ve been making my own games for my entire life. Up until I began programing for iOS I’ve been focused on table top games. I have self-published several including ‘i win!’ and have been to several game conventions to sell them. I specialize in game mechanics and sci-if and fantasy settings.